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Many organizations struggle to achieve a return on their investments in data and analytics. Others are unsure how to start. 3DM6 provides consulting and education on how to increase value of data and analytics to your organization with lower cost and less risk.

3DM6 helps recognize, scope, sell and implement data improvement opportunities for your organization.

Our business driven framework also helps recognize when value is NOT there sooner than a technology oriented approach.

Start better, stop sooner, reduce wasted effort and risk.

An initial engagement of two or three days will add value, guaranteed, and help determine what next steps might be worthwhile.

You could be especially interested if you are the one paying the bills or accountable for achieving something beyond implementing a technology checklist.

The answer to building an effective data culture is more than another silver bullet technology, superstar talent, or high priced consulting company.

Data culture is more than a simple declaration or buzzword; however, the solution need not be complex or onerous to implement either.

The 3DM6 approach is practical, sustainable, and can be implemented incrementally.

As a customer of data and analytics services, are you frustrated by lack of progress given how much time and money you have invested in smart people and technology? Are you concerned about the progress your highly paid consultants are making but unsure what questions to ask?

As a Data Scientist, do you wish you had more well defined opportunities and appropriate recognition for the value you bring?

Connect with Ed Unrau on LinkedIn for an overview of the 3DM6 framework and approach.

Ensure Essential Components are Present and Connected

There are six key components to successful data-driven decision making.

Simply organizing work and discussion around those components and their connections can solve a lot of problems by:

  • Identifying gaps and weak links.
  • Connecting activity to business value.
  • Coordinating work across technology, disciplines, divisions and levels of the organization.

Contact eunrau3dm6@gmail.com for more information on this business driven approach.

Achieve a State of Continual Improvement Early

Keep it simple to start. By achieving a state of continual improvement that touches all the bases, you will achieve benefits sooner, avoid waste, lower costs and reduce risks.

  • Be agile. Learn how to organize mega projects into manageable phases delivering value incrementally.
  • Drive the process further from the business side. Identify the easy insights and define problems, opportunities and requirements worthy of the scarce data science skillset.

Keep Things Visible

Maintain a view of key components and the logic behind the insights.

  • Visibility of the connected components enables coordination and collaboration across disciplines.
  • A view of the logic behind insights engages subject matter experts sooner and longer, resulting in better solutions and implementations.
  • Avoiding a black box increases accountability and support for the solution while reducing risk of error.

Be More Business Driven

The 3DM6 approach guides both customers and suppliers of data and analytics services towards collaborative solutions with a strong business connection.

  • Business will take on more leadership and accountability for defining relevant use cases and business goals.
  • Data and analytics professionals will tell a better story to more educated and involved customers.

Benefits Across the Organization

3DM6 provides an approach that helps connect data and analytics activity to business value and coordinate work across disciplines required to deliver that value.

Executives, sponsors, consumers, suppliers and vendors of data and analytics products and services can benefit from this approach. For example,:

  • C Suite Executives and Board of Directors – Given the potential benefits, long time frame, and risks, becoming a more data-driven organization is a strategic undertaking worthy of executive attention. 3DM6 provides a framework for developing and monitoring a data and analytics strategy at an appropriate level.
  • Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer – Provides structured way to organize work and track progress that gets the executive and people across divisions and levels of the organization talking the same language.
  • Project Managers – Ensure goals of data and analytics projects are met, not just tasks completed.
  • Solution Architects – Provides an important and broader perspective on the true scope of data and analytics oriented projects.
  • Data Management and Data Governance – Justify investment by connecting governance activity to business value.
  • Business Management and Other Potential Data and Analytics Customers – Increases leadership, ownership, input, and support from Business Management and Subject Matter Experts. Reduces the constraint created by a shortage of Data Science skills. Helps ask better questions and create more complete business cases.
  • Data Scientists – Provides a guide to recognizing and exlaining opportunities. Identifies support required to ensure their work results in value for the organization. Helps create more educated customers.
  • Vendors – Describe the value of their products in context of the customer’s current business and technical environment.
  • Interested Citizens – A way to interpret and understand data and analytics related stories. As the amount of data available and the power to analyze it increases, data-driven decision making (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI etc.) will change the world.
  • Educational Institutions and Students – A cross-disciplinary perspective that will enhance Data Science programs as well as improve everyone’s Data and Analytics literacy.

Skeptical Advocates for Data-Driven Decision Making.

We advocate the value of data and analytics. We are also aware of the hype, pitfalls, and cost of the backlash. 3DM6’s approach helps ground and focus enthusiasm towards sustainable success.

While the amount of data and the power to process it increases exponentially, as educational institutions churn out more “data scientists”, as the excitement and investment increases, 3DM6’s comprehensive business-oriented view informs sponsors, customers, and suppliers of data and analytics services and software.

3DM6 Skeptical Advocates for Data-Driven Decision Making
3DM6 Critical Path to Decisions

Because Decisions Matter.

Determining how to automate or augment human decision making has important implications for business and society. That responsibility should not be left to technicians alone. We aspire to continue to learn and organize our thinking on decision making and to make a positive contribution to the evolution of data-driven decision making systems.

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