3DM6 Decision Architecture


Ed Unrau

Education: Economics, CPA/CMA (retired), Certified Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant

Skills: Connecting Dots, Introducing Rubber to Roads, Developing Systemic Solutions

  • Grateful to be doing now what I enjoyed most during my career.
  • Data and analytics advocate.
  • Organizing and sharing my knowledge while continuing to learn.

Ed’s perspective on requirements for successful data-driven decision making are founded on broad management experience that includes:

  • Finance.
  • Predictive Modeling, Analytics and Data Science.
  • Information Technology and Vendor Management.
  • Master Data Management and Customer Information Management.
  • Data Governance and Audit.
  • Data Advocate.
  • Operations, Transaction Processing.
  • Customer Service Support and Infrastructure.
  • Marketing.

Connect with Ed Unrau on LinkedIn for an overview of the 3DM6 framework and approach.

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