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3DM6 provides consulting and education to help increase the value you get from data and analytics.

Begin with a two or three day engagement that will deliver value and provide opportunity to evaluate next steps.

That initial engagement could:

  • Create a Data Strategy.
  • Focus on a specific project or business opportunity to help clarify full scope and business case.
  • Work with an existing data and analytics team to help develop, prioritize and sell opportunities.
  • Provide management training that helps business and technical disciplines come together.
  • Lunch and learn session or department meeting.
  • Professional networking meeting. We believe any profession could benefit from the 3DM6 perspective.

Discussions that cross disciplines can be particularly interesting and helpful; e.g. includes statisticians, solution architects, data engineers, and business subject matter experts.

3DM6 helps create long term capability while delivering short term value.

Connect with Ed Unrau on LinkedIn for an overview of the 3DM6 framework and approach.

Encouraging Feedback.

  • “The 3DM6 framework helped guide the most strategic executive discussion on data and analytics we have had to date” CEO
  • “The discussion with our executive team helped everyone understand a more complete picture of BI success factors and risks.” VP of IT
  • “Going through the 3DM6 approach with Ed I could see how it helps bring technical and subject matter experts together to identify important things that no one is working on. It can also clean up logic, sometimes digging at the heart of warm fuzzy thinking, emotional attachments to ideas, and inappropriate assumptions.” PhD, Research Scientist
  • “Ed’s perspective is something many students would benefit from hearing, especially with the ever increasing importance of Data and Analytics. He draws valuable insights from his interesting career, and provides useful guidance on the reality of making data analytics work in a professional setting.” Public Policy Graduate, Research Consultant


Rates are negotiable depending on the situation, but $1,000 per day plus travel provides a decent ballpark.

You should get value from an initial two day engagement, but if we determine there was none, 3DM6 will do additional work to correct that or there will be no charge. This provides a low risk, low cost way to get started.

One reason we take this easy, low risk, “just get started” approach because the potential benefits depends on so many factors.

A blog on 3DM6 Products and Services contains more detail on what future modules could look like on an extended engagement.

The 3DM6 perspective could benefit anyone from the C Suite to project managers, business analysts, business sponsors, data scientists, statisticians, solution architects, application developers or anyone involved in data management, data governance, audits, vendors or other providers of data and analytics services. If that seems like too long a list to be true, I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to explain.

Connect with Ed Unrau on LinkedIn for an overview of the 3DM6 framework and approach.

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